A Joint Division of the Institution of Civil Engineers and the South African Institution of Civil Engineering

Background to the ICE-SA Division

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) first signed an agreement of co-operation in October 1992.  Over time the agreement has been reaffirmed and expanded to include the establishment of a Joint Committee to co-ordinate services to members between the two institutions. Discussions between the 2004 presidents of ICE and SAICE took place during an ICE presidential visit to South Africa on how best the two institutions could work together, given that the majority of ICE members who reside in South Africa are members of both institutions

The end result of these discussions was the signing of an Agreement of Co-operation and the establishment of a ICE-SAICE Joint Division in 2007.

The Division is governed by a committee in terms of a set of rules agreed between the two institutions.

The name of the Division was originally agreed on as the Joint Civils Division. However during 2011, by agreement between the Councils of the ICE and SAICE, the name was changed to the ICE-SA Division.

The functions of ICE-SA are to:
  • Perform learned society activities that are of mutual interest to both ICE and SAICE with particular emphasis on matters that are of international concern.
  • Perform the normal ICE country representative services.
  • Arrange ICE-SAICE Presidential Visits.
  • Arrange Brunel International Lectures. Link
  • Promote and communicate ICE and SAICE publications, programmes, best practices and initiatives.
  • Provide developing country inputs into ICE initiatives and projects.


The NEC Forum was established by ICE-SA to support improvement of South African infrastructure through the use of NEC as it is intended to be used. There are 10 NEC Forums in 2024. Please view calendar for all the dates.

ICE membership is the mark of professional excellence. There is a membership grade for all Civil Engineers and Technicians, including South Africans.  There are scheduled webinars coming up this year explaining membership grades.  Please view calendar for all the dates.

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ICE-SA provides information to civil engineers who are interested in international trends, UK and South African practices. This information is sent out on a regular basis via email.


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