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The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE) first signed an agreement of co-operation in October 1992.  Over time the agreement has been reaffirmed and expanded to include the establishment of a SAICE-ICE Liaison Committee to co-ordinate services to members between the two institutions. Discussions on how best the two institutions could work together, given that the majority of ICE members who reside in South Africa are members of both institutions, commenced with the ICE Presidential visit to South Africa in November 2004. The end result of the dialogue between the two institutions was the establishment of the Joint Civils Division of SAICE and ICE (now ICE-SA), following the ICE Presidential visit in January 2007. ICE-SA has been established along the lines of the very successful Joint Structural Division established between SAICE and the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) in 1993.

In terms of the agreement all ICE members who reside in South Africa are automatically members of ICE-SA.  All SAICE members who are not ICE members but would like to be an ICE-SA member may do so by making application in writing to SAICE National Office as is the case with SAICE members becoming a member of any of SAICE’s divisions. Please feel free to submit enquiries to for any assistance.

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ICE Membership

The benefits of professionally qualified ICE membership are published on the ICE website.

Membership gives access to The New Civil Engineer.  It is a monthly magazine which provides informative articles on a wide range of topics that are of interest to all types of civil engineers including innovative features of major projects in various parts of the world, brief reports on collapses, failures and disasters wherever they may occur, and feature articles dealing with the issues of the day. This magazine provides valuable insights into global civil engineering practices.

Take time to watch this series of webinars presented by Cath Mansell, Membership Manager from ICE, explaining the benefits of each grade of membership.

ICE Student Membership

ICE Graduate Membership

Realise your potential with ICE

The ICE website provides an overview of the various grades of ICE membership.

In Summary, the grades of ICE Membership are:

ICE members requiring EC or the Society for the Environment (SocEnv) registration must also pay a once off entrance fee and annual subscription fee for the Engineering Council (EC) in addition to the ICE fees.

Any person who resides in South Africa, wishing to become a member of ICE in the UK should please complete this form.  ICE-SA  will assist where possible with your application for membership.

Watch videos:

Non-UK ICE Academic requirements for professional qualification

How to become professionally qualified with ICE?

For those persons requiring to sit a Professional Review Interview, ICE-SA will attempt to set up a regular annual calendar date for this to take place in South Africa. This is however, dependent on sufficient numbers of candidates wishing to undertake this review here in South Africa.

SAICE Membership

The benefits of SAICE membership are published on the SAICE website.

SAICE’s magazine CivilEngineering keeps members abreast of what is happening in the field of civil engineering in South Africa. Each edition has a special focus on a civil engineering practice area or specialist field.

The quarterly Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering publishes research papers that keep members abreast of technical and engineering science developments, not only within the South African context, but also within the greater African context.

The SAICE website provides an overview of the various grades of SAICE membership.

These can be viewed directly on the SAICE website .

The various grades of SAICE Membership include:

  • Corporate Members
    • Member
    • Fellow
    • Honorary Fellow
    • Retired Member
  • Non-Corporate Members
    • Associate Member
    • Student Member

The SAICE Membership Brochure is available for download from the SAICE Rates Page.

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