In an effort to add value to the education and training of construction and engineering  professionals, and to support the delivery of more successful engineering and construction projects in South Africa,  ICE-SA is running free NEC Forums.

Projects are built by people and a key objective of these sessions is to support implementation of the NEC contract as intended; in a collaborative manner for the benefits to all involved.

SA NEC Forum
All sessions run from 4 pm – 5:30 pm
February – 8th
Session 1: Introduction to the NEC3 family of contract; Synopsis of each of the 12 contracts in the family
March – 14th
Session 2: Procurement & Contracts, Parties & Role Players, Getting the best out of the NEC contract
April – 11th
Session 3: Introduction to the Sections of Core Clauses & Actions in ECC3 Section 1 – General
May – 9th
Session 4: Section 2 – Contractor’s main responsibilities Section 3 – Time
June – 13th
Session 5: Section 4 – Testing & Defects (Quality) Risk Management
July – 11th
Session 6: Alignment between contracting parties Diversity and Inclusion
August – 8th
Session 7: Section 5 – Payments, Costs and the Options Section 6 – Change Management through compensation events
September – 12th
Session 8: Section 7 – Title; Section 8 – Liabilities & Insurance; Section 9 – Termination; Disputes & Adjudication
October – 10th
Session 9: Pre-award documentation Developing a contract
November – 14th
Session 10: Key difference between the NEC3 & NEC4

UK NEC User Group Events

The NEC User Group is well established in the UK, and has had some success in the past in sharing information on the NEC in South Africa. ICE-SA is mandated to promote the NEC contract in South Africa, and hosts NEC User Group events when they are held in South Africa. ICE-SA also shares information on the implementation of the NEC family of contracts.

NEC User Group Training

The NEC User Group based in the UK offers many different training events to improve the skills of NEC Practitioners. Some of these are physical events, which are difficult for South African residents to participate in, however they also offer ONLINE events. 

NEC online training enables you to gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the NEC suite of contracts at any time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace.

Here is a list of the courses currently on offer by NEC Contract:

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