Vision for ICE-SA

  • Represent ICE Membership in South Africa
  • Exhibit the benefits of ICE Membership
  • Exhibit the benefits of SAICE Membership
  • Assist persons to become members of ICE or SAICE
  • Provide Career Guidance
  • Encourage youngsters to enter into the civil engineering profession
  • Promote visibility of international affairs
  • Promote visibility of ICE in South Africa
  • Sharing of international practice
  • Encourage alignment with international practice
  • Promote the Brunel International Lectures
  • Be the home of the NEC Suite of contracts in South Africa
  • Host the NEC User Group
  • Advertise meetings held in South Africa and in UK
  • Promote knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge transfer on the NEC Suite
  • Knowledge transfer of international practice
  • Knowledge transfer of procurement
  • Knowledge transfer of ICE products
  • Provide networking opportunities
  • Perform conversions or adaptations of UK systems for South African purposes.
  • Methods of measurement and payment
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