2024 Calendar of events

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NEC Jam Session 2Procurement & Contracts, Parties & Role Players, Getting the best out of the NEC contract1710432000 14th March 2024
NEC Jam Session 3Introduction to the Sections & Actions in ECC3 Section 1 - General1712851200 11th April 2024
NEC Jam Session 4Section 2 - Contractor's main responsibilities Section 3 - Time1715270400 9th May 2024
NEC Jam Session 5Section 4 - Testing & Defects (Quality) Risk Management1718294400 13th June 2024
NEC Jam Session 6Alignment between contracting parties Diversity and Inclusion1720713600 11th July 2024
NEC Jam Session 7Section 5 - Payments, Costs and the Options Section 6 - Change Management through compensation events1723132800 8th August 2024
NEC Jam Session 8Section 7 - Title; Section 8 - Liabilities & Insurance; Section 9 - Termination; Disputes & Adjudication1726156800 12th September 2024
NEC Jam Session 9Pre-award documentation Developing a contract1728576000 10th October 2024
NEC Jam Session 10Key difference between the NEC3 & NEC41731600000 14th November 2024
ICE Fellow Grade Membership WebinarFind out what requirements are needed for South African Civil Engineers to apply for Fellowship with ICE 1715691600 14th May 2024
About ICE Membership WebinarFind out about ICE student membership and ICE membership grades and the benefits1710784800 18th March 2024
ICE Career Appraisal Route WebinarFind out more about the ICE Career Appraisal, including what Career Appraisals are, who they’re for and how to apply.1718042400 10th June 2024
ICE Graduate membership WebinarFind out who ICE Graduate Membership is for and the benefits1729188000 17th October 2024
Adjudicator Worshop1723712400 15th August 2024
AGM and Annual Lecture 1726675200 18th September 2024
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