Nomination of an Adjudicator

To request a Nomination from the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators, you are required to provide the required information that we require. 

Please send an email to containing the following information:

  • Name of the person requesting the Nomination
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Cell Number
  • Parties to the contract:
    • Party 1: Name of Party 1
    • Responsible person
    • Email address
    • Cell Number
    • Party 2: Name of Party 2
    • Responsible person
    • Email address
    • Cell Number
  • Brief description of the scope of works, services or supply 
  • Which of the NEC forms of contact has been used
    • Engineering and Construction Contract
    • Engineering and Construction Short Contract
    • Engineering and Construction Subcontract
    • Engineering and Construction Short Subcontract
    • Professional Services Contract
    • Professional Services Short Contract
    • Term Services Contract
    • Term Services Short Contract
    • Supply Contract
    • Supply Short Contract
    • CIDB Supply Contract
    • CIDB Short Supply Contract
    • Other (Please state which form of contract)
  • Location of the site (if applicable)
  • Briefly outline what the Adjudicator will be required to rule on (no more than 200 words) 
  • Indicate if there are any persons who might be restricted from participating as an adjudicator. State the reasons why. 
  • State any specific comments, requests or special requirements. 

Please attach all relevant files that are pertient to the dispute. As a minimum, the following documents are required:

  • Contract Data
  • Documentation stating that a dispute has been declared.
  • Documentation indicating that the parties have attempted to identify an Adjudicator, but failed to agree.
  • Documentation from the Party that the applicant represents that they are authorised to request the Nomination on behalf of the Party

When the email has been received, all the parties involved will be kept informed of the Nomination process.

The Chairman will base his selection of an Adjudicator on factors which include:

1)         Avoidance of conflicts of interest

2)         Availability

3)         Experience of Adjudicator in relation to the dispute

4)         Residency of Adjudicator

The chairman will email the name of the selected Adjudicator to the person requesting the dispute.


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