Request for Chairman to nominate an Adjudicator

To request a Nomination from the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators, you are required to provide the required information that we require.


Parties to the contract:
Party 1:
Party 2:
Brief description of the scope of works, services or supply which of the NEC forms of contact has been used
Please attach all relevant files that are pertinent to the dispute. As a minimum, the following documents are required

When the email has been received, all the parties involved will be kept informed of the Nomination process.
The Chairman will base his selection of an Adjudicator on factors which include:
1) Avoidance of conflicts of interest
2) Availability
3) Experience of Adjudicator in relation to the dispute
4) Residency of Adjudicator
The Chairman will email the name of the selected Adjudicator to the person requesting the dispute

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