NEC User Group

NEC User Group Events

The NEC User Group is well established in the UK, and has had some success in the past in sharing information on the NEC in South Africa, driven largely by a few individuals. ICE-SA has taken on this role, and hosts NEC User Group events, and share information on implementation of the NEC family of documents.

In addition, where contracts call for the Chairman of the South African NEC User Group to nominate an adjudicator, the ICE-SA performs this function, as the custodian of the South African NEC User Group.

NEC User Group Training

The NEC User Group based in the UK offers many different training events to improve the skills of NEC Practitioners. Some of these are physical events, which are difficult for South African residents to participate in, however they also offer ONLINE events

NEC online training enables you to gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the NEC3 suite of contracts at any time, anywhere in the world, at your own pace. Our online courses offer the same peer reviewed and expertly delivered programme content as our classroom training courses.

The online learning process is simple.Once signed up, you will receive an email with your personal log in details. You will then be able to complete your training course in modular sessions, each followed by a test.

Here is a list of the courses currently on offer:

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