Benefits of ICE Membership

The benefits of professionally qualified ICE membership are published on the ICE website.

*The New Civil Engineer International is a monthly magazine which provides informative articles on a wide range of topics that are of interest to all types of civil engineers including innovative features of major projects in various parts of the world, brief reports on collapses, failures and disasters wherever they may occur, and feature articles dealing with the issues of the day. This magazine provides valuable insights into global civil engineering practices.

ICE Membership Guidance

ICE-SA has hosted several webinars in 2021, presented by the ICE International Membership Manager, Cath Mansell. These webinars provide excellent direction and advice to anyone interested in the requirements for membership, or the routes to membership, please take  short while to watch ........

24 November 2021 - Routes to Professional Qualifications with the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)