3-6 November 2009 - London

Apprentices References and Reading List

London - 4th and 5th of November 2009

(Documents hosted at Scottish Institute of Sustainable Technology website



General - Brunel Lecture 'Engineering Civilisation from the Shadows'

General - CAinger case for IDI

General - Doug Bourn Survey Report

General - 'Towards a sustainable future in the developing world'

General - World Bank Infrastructure Action Plan 2009-11


T1 - Urbanisation in China - Inaugural Lecture YP Wang  - NEW!

T2 - Research Green Cities Report

T2 - Doing well by doing good

T2 - T3 - T4 - Reducing Carbon Emissions 'View from 2050'

T2 - TIPF Costing EE Improvements 2009



T3 - Background Reading



T4 (T2 and T3) - Stern Review 2006

T4 (T2 and T3) - Without the hot air



T5 - Aspire - R&D Report

T5 - Aspire



T6 - Reading List water and sanitation



T7 - Handbook for Assessment of Catchement Water Demand and Use

T7 - Water demand

T7 - WSUP project bulletin March 2009



T9 - ICE Method Cards



T10-ICE apprentice event reading list

T10-ICE apprentice event



T11 - weblinks to additional material


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Programme for 3-6 November 2009 - London


Venue: ICE HQ, One Great George Street




Tues 3 Nov

Apprentices arrive in London from Ghana, Hong Kong, Nigeria, USA and rest of UK




Professor Paul Jowitt’s Presidential Address









Venue: RedR HQ, 250a Kennington Lane




Wed 4 Nov

Topic Number / Activity





(Coffee, tea in am & pm – during discussions)





# Welcome: 

Martin McCann (CEO RedR)




# Introduction – Working Session 1

Paul Jowitt (ICE), Charles Ainger (MWH)

Objectives, outputs, programme, Q & A



T1  Urbanisation and infrastructure needs in the developing world

Jo da Silva (Arup)

Trends/scale; relationship between engineering and poverty reduction; Life and economic outcomes from effective pro-poor investment

Presentation (3.3Mb)
Slide Notes (83kb)


T2  Climate Change 1

Chris Jofeh (Arup}

Buildings: business opportunities from climate change

Presentation (5.6Mb)

Slide Notes (39kb)







T3  Climate change 2

David Balmforth (MWH)

Water resources, flooding; utility infrastructure; Adaptation and mitigation

 Presentation (2Mb)


T4  Climate change 3

Tony Iles (Atkins)

Infrastructure requirements for a low carbon economy – within the different continents, countries and regions

 Presentation (283kb)

Slide notes  (24kb)


T6  Sanitation, Water Supply & Waste Management

Sohail Khan & Sue Cavill (WEDC, Loughborough University)

Urban services and infrastructure; Integrating infrastructure and user behaviour. Solid waste management;  Sanitation & hygiene. The role of NGOs; Gender Issues; Community education

Presentation (1.2Mb)
Slide Notes (36kb)


Working Supper - Review of the day and T1-T4 & T6


Apprentices + Charles Ainger, Paul Jowitt + others










Thurs 5 Nov






(Coffee, tea in am & pm – during discussions)



T5  Sustainability Assessment (ASPIRE)

Priti Parikh (Arup) & Matthew Leach (Engineers Against Poverty)

"An integrated planning, monitoring and evaluation tool for assessing the sustainability and poverty reduction performance of infrastructure projects”



T7  Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration/Rural Infrastructure aspects

tbc – Richard Carter (Water Aid)

tbc - Water and sanitation, livelihoods, and food security in a context of growing population, accelerating land degradation…

 Presentation (2.0Mb)


T8  Development Financing 1

Richard Burrett, (CPSL)

Alternative forms of Finance; Funder and Community perspectives; UK Government Perspectives, and Objectives

 Presentation (1.7Mb)







T9  Anti-corruption

Neill Stansbury (GIACC)


 Presentation (92kb)


T10  Procurement of Capital Projects & Programmes – Client’s viewpoint

Ian McAulay, Mark Wilson & Daressa Frodsham (United Utilities)

Client's viewpoint - capital project delivery. Programme Management; Specification and procurement 

 Presentation (697kb)


T11  Infrastructure delivery for Capital projects 1

Jon Pike (MWH)

Doing Programme Management - capability and team building; people, culture and processes.

 Presentation (2.5Mb)


Dinner + Review of the day and T5 & T7-T11

venue tbc

Apprentices + others


Fri 6 Nov

“Know How Now” event at ICE – NGO’s showcase


Apprentices + others



Sat 7 Nov

Apprentices leave London












Nov 2009 – Jan 2010

Apprentices work in pairs on Card issues, and help each other via work groups.   Submit Method Card drafts for T1 – T11 for initial review by Tutors by 5/1/2010.