16-20 January 2010 – Durban

Presentations to Apprentices in Durban / Johannesburg

Sunday 17 January 2010 - Durban


T0: Millennium development goals 1 – poverty reduction responses

Ron Watermeyer, Soderlund and Schutte

Linkages between infrastructure delivery and the millennium development goals including poverty reduction strategies

Presentation (537kB)


T18: Millennium development goals 2 – coalitions and political role

Sam Amod, Development Engineering Consultants

Developing coalitions  between civil society and government, the political role of infrastructure and instruments of influence


·         Influencing Decisions – The Infrastructure Report Card (538 kB)

·         IRC2006Grades (80 kB)

·         Persuasion (52 kB)

·         Prisoners (112 kB)

·         R_Cards (302 kB)

·         SAICE IRC 2006 (105 kB)


·         Slides (166 kB)

Monday 18 January 2010 - Durban


T14 Infrastructure Delivery and Capability Development – 3: Programme and project partnering

Charles Ainger

Integrating project delivery and capability building; incl. Kansas City, USA.

Presentation (2Mb)

Report from WSUP Annual Learning Event


T13  Infrastructure delivery for Capital projects 2 – linking a social and economic development agenda

Ron Watermeyer, Soderlund and Schutte

Engaging communities to construct their own infrastructure

Use of targeted procurement procedures to provide employment and business opportunities

Presentation (283 kB)


T15 Infrastructure Delivery for Capital Projects 4 – developing country issues

Mike Lomas, retired CEO of Group 5

The challenges in constructing infrastructure in developing countries – resources , ethics etc.

Presentation (68 kB)


T16 Infrastructure Delivery for Capital Projects 5 – appropriate procurement strategies

Ron Watermeyer,  Soderlund and Schutte

Identifying appropriate procurement strategies for public infrastructure delivery – a developing country perspective

Presentation (362 kB)

Wednesday 20 January 2010 – Johannesburg


T17: Capacity building

Allyson Lawless, SAICE

Identifying the skills gap. Using retired engineers to train and nurture young graduates to breach the gap

Presentation (7.3 Mb)


T19: Effective maintenance of public Infrastructure and facilities

Kevin Wall, CSIR

Ensuring funding, management and resources for the effective operation and maintenance of infrastructure in a  developing countries

Presentation (3.6 Mb)